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Famous Travel Photographer David Lazar Captures Indonesia In 18 Amazing Images
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Photography, Travel7 years ago

Famous Travel Photographer David Lazar Captures Indonesia In 18 Amazing Images

Hailed as one of the finest travel photographers and portraitists in the world, David Lazar has only recently begun to explore the great diversity and cultural richness of the Indonesian Archipelago. From Borneo to East Java, Bali, Lembongan and Flores, the results are nothing less than extraordinary.

The National Geographic contributor & 2014 winner of Best in Culture at the Indonesian based Guruda International Photo Competition, David will be returning to the islands soon to lead one of his extraordinary photo tour workshops.

More info:

Underwater Buddha – Bali

Warrior Dance – Flores Island

Warriors engaging in traditional Caci (whip) dance in Labuan Bajo, Flores.

Girls In White Hijabs – Borneo

Girls in school uniform outside their classroom, in a rural village along the Mahakam River.

Girl In A Doorway – Bali

Street portrait in Bali

Two Friends Under A Hat – Kalimantan

Seaweed Farmer At Sunrise – Lembongan Island

Holy Spring – Bali

Pilgrims bathing in the holy spring water at Tirta Empul Royal Baths, Bali. This is a Hindu temple and people bathe for purification.

Dayak Drummer Boy – East Kalimantan

A boy from the Dayak tribe sits in a longhouse in East Kalimantan, Borneo, playing a drum. The traditional music of the Dayak tribes-people is centered around percussion.

Holy Smoke! – Ijen Volcano, East Java

A miner smokes a cigarette while working in the difficult conditions of Mt Ijen volcano. Noxious gasses are blown about unpredictably when the wind swells forcing miners to breathe into a scarf or clothing during these moments.

The Blue Flame – Ijen Volcano, East Java

A blue fire can be seen inside Mt. Ijen volcano on the island of Java, and is a result of the combustion of sulfuric gases. Flames can reach 5 meters in height and come from temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. This is the workplace for around 200 men who mine sulfur minerals from inside this volcano, starting in the darkness of early morning.

Three Generations – Borneo

Dayak family members playing with baby in their community along the Mahakan River in Borneo. The Dayak people have a great respect for nature.

Dayak Warriors – Borneo

Rambutan! – Borneo

Rambutan in Indonesian language refers to something “hairy”. The fruit is native to tropical South East Asia and is a popular fruit snack, picked straight from the tree.

Orangutan – Borneo

A male Bornean orangutan in Samboja, East Kalimantan.

Three Girls In A Fishing Village – Flores Island

Taken in a fishing village in Labuan Bajo off the island of Flores.

Girl In A Purple Hijab – Borneo

In Indonesia, a hijab head covering is entirely optional for women and girls and is worn by some with respect to their religion of Islam.

Girl In A Yellow Hijab – Borneo

Dayak Girl – Borneo

Traditional Dayak formal clothing consists of many colored beads to form specific patterns.


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