Today is National Take Your Dog To Work day! If you've celebrated, we'd love to see your pics added to this list. If you're just planning to – here are some tips.

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First of all, make sure your pup has everything they need, including a food bowl, leash, and carrier if applicable. Make sure they are properly socialized, and have a back-up plan in case they need to be removed from your workplace for any reason.

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#2 Hard Day At Work

Hard Day At Work


TheresaGahagan 2 years ago


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#14 I Brought My Dog, Piper, To Work Today

I Brought My Dog, Piper, To Work Today

juelzmitch Report

KarenS 2 years ago

Given the placement of his other paw, I'm suspicious about what Piper is really looking at on that computer screen.

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#16 Olive The London Blippuppy

Olive The London Blippuppy Report

ByrdieGaither 2 years ago

Didja get that link I sent you? Whatcha think? Whatcha think??

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#17 Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog To Work Day Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

I wish BBC had a TV news show or weather report with doggies.

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