Getting injured is, universally, a crappy experience. However, it's an unavoidable part of our lives as we all sometimes simply get into harm's way. However, most of the time, we just happen to have the bad luck of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but there are also occasions when we put our health and wellbeing in danger by being... Well, not the sharpest tools in the shed, but a great pretender for the Darwin Awards. And if you know that there's something on the internet that you can always find, it's people's epic fails where there's no filter for shame or shyness. Here are some of the dumbest and silliest stories of how people injured themselves in funny accidents. Upside to all this? You might not feel so bad about making some stupid choices in life. So scroll down below, indulge and don't forget to comment and vote on your favorite funny fails!


Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured At a friend's house out in the country. I was down on the carpet playing with their yellow lab, Boo. I was jumping around and Boo was jumping around and our heads collided. Boo's teeth cut my nose really bad. There was blood everywhere. I still have a small scar. Boo ran out the dog door and didn't come home for two days. He thought he thought he was in trouble. Boo and I remained friends, though. He was a good boy.

urbanek2525 , wiki Report

kathryn stretton 6 months ago

Awww, poor Boo.

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Attempting to adjust my bra, lost my grip, punched myself in the face.

Mighty_Fine_Shindig Report

Noez 🇸🇪 6 months ago

I've done that 😂😂

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured One time I tried to fart while playing online poker really late while my girlfriend was asleep. About half of the fart came out before I realized more was on its way out too. I caught that before it was too late and jumped up and started to run to the bathroom. I had headphones on and yanked my head to the left and pulled my tower over as I kicked a 25 lb weight on the floor, broke my toe and then [poop] all over myself.

BLACKMACH1NE , Anthony Jauneaud Report

Molly Tallmadge 6 months ago

Sounds like a sh**y day

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Tripped over a cat. Broke my foot. Cat was fine though.

ardnoik , Inge Wallumrød Report

glowworm2 6 months ago

Phew, at least the cat was okay! 🤣

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured When I was little I thought plastic bags were parachutes. I jumped off the table and broke my arm. Once it healed I did it again

RememberThatName666 , frank servayge Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

But you didn't say... did it work the second time??? or you broke your arm again???

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Sneezed. Threw my back out. Couldn't work for a week. Could barely walk the first couple days. I was 27.

evnt_hrzn , DAXimus Report

Natasha Forchione 6 months ago

Didn't know sneezes were that powerful!

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Walked head first into a mind your head sign once. Not my finest moment.

CapinCos , Elliott Brown Report

Molly Tallmadge 6 months ago (edited)

You did "mind your head". It's just that you didn't do it well.

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Climbed a tree when I was about 12, fell out, broke my left arm. A week or so later,my friends dared me to climb the same tree with my left arm in a cast to my elbow. Got a branch higher than the first time, fell out, broke my right arm. Mum wasn't happy about having to take me back to hospital to get the other arm put in a cast too!

junior_joiner , Bhaskaranaidu Report

Kateri 6 months ago

That's it! If you don't succeed at first try again!

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I was trying to kill a cockroach by squishing it on my carpet with a paper towel but it would not die. So I picked it up with the paper towel but for some reason I didn't crush it and it started to get on my hand, so I started sprinting to throw it in the toilet. I slipped and fell on one of those big candles with three wicks in a glass jar.

Lots of blood and 10 stitches later, there is now a 2.5-inch scar on my leg and I didn't even kill the roach. I got my ass beat by a cockroach.


karen snyder 6 months ago

In the end... they will beat us all.

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Gave myself two black eyes when I was a kid by walking around my house looking through binoculars backwards so I couldn't judge the distance.

to_the_tenth_power , Michael Newman Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

Did you learn anything from this?

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Tried to kick a balloon lying on the floor at a party.

Attack angle way too steep, kicked the floor and broke my toe, barely moved the balloon.

lurklurklurkPOST , Sarah Report

Molly Tallmadge 6 months ago

"attack angle" Omg I'm dying

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Went to the gym with some friends on my lunch break - they challenged me to do a pushup with a clap behind my back before I landed. Challenge accepted and accomplished.

That day after work (while in a suit) I went to my girlfriend's house and told her about my newfound pushup skills.

I tried to re-live the glory, couldn't reach my hands behind my back to clap because the suit was restricting my motion, and landed chin-first on her hardwood floor.

I ended up in the E.R. to get 5 stitches under my chin and at the dentist the next day to fix a chipped molar.

Shouts to my E.R. doctor for not judging me too harshly.

__fidel_cashflow__ Report

Flavia Slag 6 months ago

as a nurse...we just kind of shake our heads and smile.

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I hit myself in the face with my glass Starbucks frapaccino bottle because I freaked out about a butterfly that flew near me. I know this entire sentence is dumb

MNYC19-2000 Report

Magpie 6 months ago

*sympathy* being clumsy myself I understand that moment of "arrg how am I gonna explain this one?" And blessed are those who can laugh at themselves.

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Putting a knife in a toaster in an attempt to get toast out of it.

ImNot_That_Guy , bethrcary Report

Kateri 6 months ago

Enough said.

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Age 6 or 7, the neighbor kid invited me to ride bikes or something. Don't remember. Went inside my house to ask permission. Mom said yes, and I ran through the house and out the front door. And missed the storm door handle. My hand and arm went through the glass. And to the ER we went.

I've got scars from the stitches and the scars ache when the weather changes or when I'm exposed to any itch anywhere else. Literally every day, I'm reminded of that business with the storm door.

But I can top that!

I bought a mandolin food slicer. Yes. Yes it's bad. And one evening I was using the brand new gadget to slice some Jalapenos. It was a very fast machine and sliced much faster than my ability to get my hand out of the way. So I sliced off the top of a finger between the nail and the knuckle.

Perfect slice of skin about the size of a nickel coin.

Not having any access to medical care at the time, I grabbed the first aid kit out of my truck and went to work with the other hand trying to stop the bleeding. Eventually got the idea of sticking the sliced finger part back where it came from. This worked. But there was no easy way to tell which way was what. And the finger slice went on backwards. Luckily it didn't get infected thanks to that damn useful first aid kit bag of tricks. Healed up fine. Aside from being backwards.

I'll never own another mandolin slicer.

fourflatyres Report

Doober 6 months ago

This made me cringe so bad

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Cutting a cake for a friends birthday, accidentally drop knife, attempt to catch it with foot.

rapidarray , Colin Charles Report

Kateri 6 months ago

Did you catch it?

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I wanted to touch a bee. I was really young, don't judge me.

fra_n_ff Report

Susann Campbell 6 months ago

I won't. I wanted to pet a bee because the fuzzy fur beckoned me to do it. I was six.

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I was heating up a curry in the microwave, which was very safely placed on top of an extremely high fridge. Being very small and not being able to locate my special step, I try to reach up and remove the curry. Lo and behold, half of the curry spills down me, completely coating my arm.

It burnt me so severely that it damaged the nerves so I didn't have anyyyyy idea how serious it was. I was so busy eating the rest of the curry and mourning the lost half, it wasn't until I realised my whole arm was one big blister that I finally went to hospital. Took months to heal and the curry was only average

ilovealanthecat Report

Eagle Girl 6 months ago

I cringe for you

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I tried squeezing out a fart and got a hernia

Imjusta_pug Report

Natasha Forchione 6 months ago


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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Fractured both my wrists tripping over a blanket. Two casts

bonfire_bug , lchunt Report

Mia O'Brien 6 months ago

Ever gotten your nail stuck in a blanket, fyi it’s also a lot of fun

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured My brother swallowed a bell metal turtle while my parents were on a trip. That was 10 years ago. Best vacations ever.

Daniela Aravena Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

This one leaves a lot unsaid...

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I was vacuuming, and thought the vacuum might not be working well. So I put my hand up to feel if the suction was weak. I forgot about the beater bar and it pulled my middle finger into the vacuum.

The beater bar was going fast enough that it took off all the skin on my finger down to the tendon. It actually bled very little, and hurt much less than what one would expect, because both the blood vessels and nerves were torn off.

I was also incredibly lucky because I should have needed a skin graft, but my finger managed to heal on its own. The scar tissue was painful to deal with and it took a long time to regain full flexibility and use of my finger.

Whitney Merrills Report

Nadja Lambacher 6 months ago

there are men who had this happen to another body part..... *shudder*

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured Scratched the cornea and broke the lens in my eye during an unfortunate encounter with a cactus plant.

aashlib Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

Forget the scratch... I'd be a lot more concerned with your "green eye". lol

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I popped my kneecap 90 degree to the left by wearing socks on a slippery floor. I was just walking and somehow lost control and POP.

So, walking.

LastTrainToHome Report

Lauren Caswell 6 months ago

Hah I've done that! Ripped a chunk off my femur, my surgeon had never heard of such a thing (from socks, not in general)

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Strange-Ways-People-Got-Injured I was walking across the living room floor, and I stepped on a toothpick. The toothpick did not go through the skin, instead, I lurched in fear that it might go through my skin and somehow twisted my own ankle as I crashed to the floor. Went to the ER and I broke it.

wonderberry77 , Pieterjan Viaene Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

Why would you go to the ER to break your foot? Ha ha ha ha !!! What happened to the toothpick!?? Why was it in the floor in the first place??? These "tales" have too many unanswered questions.

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Broke my left ankle by tripping over my right foot while running in the house.

I also once got a black eye from throwing a snowball up in the air and catching it...and then missing it once

amok_amok_amok Report

Markéta Podlešáková 6 months ago

Don't be so negative, you cought it, with your eye....

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Looked down at my phone for too long at 10:00 at night and walked face first into a goddamn telephone pole. This was 2 years ago.

SamDaMan97 Report

Shirley Heyn 6 months ago

And there are so many people who try to do this while driving...

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At age 9 I jumped down a full flight of stairs for the hell of it. Landed on my feet and broke both my growth plates in my heels. Insanely painful. Insanely stupid.

yt_nom Report

Living In London 6 months ago

I twisted my ankles climbing a mattress

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I was out drinking and I tried to jump over a parking meter. Not realizing it was a single pole with two meter heads on it. I got hung up on the second head, fell and broke my elbow. Slept all night on my broken elbow and then walked to the hospital hungover and hurt the next morning by myself. Felt bad.

TonofSoil Report

Magpie 6 months ago

?? deserve and honorable mention at the Darwin Awards ?? For taking ones' self out of the gene pool , but not dieing.

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Picked up a water bottle off the floor and threw out my back. It wasn't like a 5-gallon, it was a 16 oz water bottle.

I didn't even know people could really throw out their back randomly and without reason like that. It was three days before I could even walk right.

effieokay Report

John Seidel 6 months ago

I take it you are still young. When you become older, you will find that you can injure your back just getting out of bed.

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