You might consider a spoiled cat to be one that eats better food than you do or has its cat-naps on a silken pillow, but they probably don't see it that way. These spoiled cats are simply the owners of humans who have correctly understood their place in the world – at the feet of their feline overlords.

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If you have any photos of spoiled cats whose human underlings have treated them well, you can add them to this list and vote for your favorite monarchs of meow!

#1 His Own Elevator

His Own Elevator Report

LinnGarrison 3 years ago

Wow! cat with his own elevator?!

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#2 Mini Bedroom For Cat

Mini Bedroom For Cat

Lisbonite Report

CristinaMoreira 3 years ago

This is absolutely adorable!

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#4 Kitty Castle

Kitty Castle

westerner71 Report

FrédéricEeckman 3 years ago

It's actually when you are scrolling and you see the cat that you fully the size of this thing :D

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#5 His Own Leather Couch

His Own Leather Couch Report

AnnaSalerno 3 years ago

I love this cat... she looks like my rescue cat, Glorybee, twin sister! =^..^=

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#6 If I Fits I Sits (Fancy Edition)

If I Fits I Sits (Fancy Edition)

Tagruato_Corporation Report

DawnByrd 3 years ago

That's pretty much her philosophy

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#7 Cat Eating Sushi

Cat Eating Sushi


BobbyK 3 years ago

My cat likes tuna sushi and salmon caviar.

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