I believe everyone has an affinity for writing in the snow as a child. When most people grow up they lose the urge. I guess I just haven’t been able to shake it,” – that’s how New York-based street artist Faust explains why he has spent every winter for the last 4 years drawing beautiful typography and quotes onto the hoods and windshields of snow-covered cars. The fittingly chosen quotes include phrases like “Cold as ice” or “Let it go” from Frozen.

Of course, anyone could draw on a snow-covered car with their fingers, but Faust’s impromptu pieces look like they’d be truly welcome surprises because of his flawless typography. Though he was won prestigious art awards, he has nonetheless remained anonymous – despite his close work with big labels like Nike and Faberge, he still tags up on the streets of New York as well.

More info: faustnewyork.com | Instagram | Tumblr | Behance (h/t: designtaxi)