“Space Oddity” is the result of the merging of our experience as graffiti artists with our studies in graphic design, and anamorphic techniques, which we have been experimenting with in urban settings and abandoned industrial facilities for the past few years.

Starting from musical inspiration (the song “Space Oddity” was recorded in 1969 by David Bowie), we created this site-specific artwork blending it in its architectural and chromatic surroundings, a long symmetric corridor within a large and luminous facility.

Thus, the colors are fresh and relaxing, whilst from an aesthetic point of view our inspiration comes from Holbein and Da Vinci’s anamorphic experiments, besides more modern forms of geometric and abstract artwork.

More info: truly-design.prosite.com

Space Oddity from one point of view

Truly Design, “SpaceOddity”. Painted at the Northface and Vans headquarter in Stabio (CH), 2015.

Space Oddity as you move further

Space Oddity from another angle

Another perspective of the mural