For the Bridget Jones movies, Zellweger ate what she wanted, packed on 30 lbs. and earned an Oscar nomination. The bad part of playing Jones? The aftermath—losing all those, as Bridget would say, “wobbly bits.”

When the cameras were off, Zellweger chatted up locals and ate burgers with the crew. Still, maintaining her expanded waistline—she went from size 4 to a 14—required focus. “I was afraid those pounds would disappear because we worked so much,” says Zellweger, whose assistant kept her supplied with snacks. It wasn’t always enough. “In one scene they had to pad out her bottom because it wasn’t large enough,” says a crew member. “I was expecting her to be huge, and she just wasn’t.”

After filming ended, Zellweger cut her 4,000-calorie-a-day diet, began exercising and caused a press frenzy with her super-slim frame. Bridget producer Eric Fellner says he doesn’t understand all the attention. “She puts weight on for the role; she doesn’t take it off to be Renée,” he says. “She’s naturally very tiny,” concurs Cameron Silver, owner of L.A.’s vintage boutique Decades, a favourite of the actress’s. The weight gain, Fellner points out, was just part of the job. “She’s very professional, whether we had her falling out of an airplane or covered in pig poo.”

(Source: People)

Renee Zellweger, Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason

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