Even though most of us aren't nearly as good at carving pumpkins as Jon Neill or Ray Villafane, people around the world still love to carve pumpkins as a fun way to celebrate Halloween. In this list, you'll be able to get inspiration for your own pumpkin or share your cool creative idea with other Bored Panda readers!

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Many sources point to England and/or Ireland as the origin of the gourd lantern tradition. The grotesque faces carved into gourds and pumpkins were meant to scare away the spirits present on the Gaelic Samhain festival or on All Souls' night.

#3 Leopard


Armuri Report

galaxy051 3 years ago

love this, very effective

#5 Dinosaur


Historic Hudson Valley Report

Pika_Chew 3 years ago

how in the heck?

#6 Yoda


Mark Ratliff Report

Barb Sauk 3 years ago

Yoda good you are!

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#7 Tiger


browens13 Report

LilaGirl 3 years ago

You can just see the fur!!!! :O

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#8 Totoro


LimitlessDreamer Report

AnnathespannaBlue 3 years ago

ermergerd i wuv totoro <3 studio ghibli FTW

#9 Wall-e


imgur.com Report

PiperCollins 2 years ago

This is so cute

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#10 Shining


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Yvonne Yu 3 years ago


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#13 Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

StephieT Report

OrCarmon 3 years ago

love it

#20 Skellington


Wavesofink Report

DerpzQueen 3 years ago


#21 Cat


Gisela Vargas Report

Deny TTRlover (MonkeySKA) 3 years ago

I love this!!

#23 Pumpkin Charizard

Pumpkin Charizard

Ghost Animator Report

LilaGirl 3 years ago

Wow! :O

#24 Autumn Curled Leaf

Autumn Curled Leaf


galaxy051 3 years ago

realy like this one