Everyone can cosplay, but just a handful can cosplay well. Those who steal comic cons and other shows are the ones who make their own costumes, but even they usually only 'borrow' the appearance of a character. A few, however, create their own personalities, and this time Bored Panda has decided to focus on the ones that used humor - more specifically, puns - to come up with new, original ideas for their cosplay.

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From Jon Snow White to Taco Belle, some of these pun-tastic costumes are clever pop culture mashups while others could be considered as witty wordplay. But don't be sad if you take a while to figure out what an outfit represents, you'll get there eventually. Scroll down to check out the amusing list, vote for your favorite, and share your thoughts in the comments!

#1 Meet My Sister's Coworker, Jon Snow White!

Meet My Sister's Coworker, Jon Snow White!

mankardo Report

Bored Girl 2 months ago

NO WAY! This man is a genius!

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#2 GandAlf


FootPoundForce Report

Roald Andresen 2 months ago

For the win!

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#3 My Costume Came In 2nd Place "Zombee"

My Costume Came In 2nd Place "Zombee"

Majorxerocom Report

Nikki🦄 2 months ago

I wonder what came in first place, he's set the bar pretty high!

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#5 French Kiss

French Kiss

GoingAllTheJay Report

stellermatt 2 months ago

Je veux rock and roll toute la nuit

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#7 Taco Belle

Taco Belle

Olivia Mears Report

Roald van de Munt 2 months ago

All my favorite things combined: a beautiful girl and mexican food. That's one to salsa with.

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#9 Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

st3x Report

hmm... 2 months ago

The purse is what got me :)

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