June is LGBT Pride Month, and these photos celebrate the love and joy that partnership can bring. Recognition and acceptance are the fruits of a long and difficult struggle, and while there is still progress to be made, perceptions are changing for the better. However, with our eyes looking to a hopeful future (like these couples), we must not forget the past, and those who fought for the rights that some (but not all) LGBT communities enjoy today.

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The Stonewall riots that began after a police raid on a LGBT-friendly hotel in New York City on the morning of June 28, 1969 pushed LGBT activism into the mainstream. Brenda Howard, known as “The Mother of Pride,” coordinated the first LGBT Pride march a year after the riots, and Pride month was born. US President Barack Obama has officially declared Pride Month every year he has been in office.

Do you have any LGBT wedding photos to share? Post your own, or vote on your favorite from the list below!

#1 Lina And Moe

Lina And Moe

Tracey Buyce Report

JennyWrightson 3 years ago

awesome dress combo!

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#2 John And Chris

John And Chris

Tiffany Arment Report

JohnShepard 3 years ago

tiffany and her husband were the best photography team ever. They were everywhere, but almost always out of sight! This was taken on our walk from the ceremony site tonoyt reception venue down the road. This moment is literally the pinnacle of joy, happiness, love and of a once forgotten dream come true...to marry the man I love.

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#3 Tiffany And Bekah

Tiffany And Bekah

Erica Camille Report

RhondaLynn 3 years ago

Love this! Their shoes are the best!

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#4 Mr. And Mr.

Mr. And Mr.

Zofia Crosby Report

RhondaLynn 3 years ago

Love how its all girls except the grooms!

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#6 Same-Sex Wedding

Same-Sex Wedding

Clane Gessel Report

Haileefishaa 3 years ago

They are both so adorable!

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#8 Same-Sex Wedding

Same-Sex Wedding

Zofia Photo Report

NashNopper 3 years ago

beautiful <3

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#9 Lameisha And Ronda

Lameisha And Ronda

popwed.co Report

YaseminPaçalıoğlu 3 years ago

That looks like the coolest wedding in the history of weddings!

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#10 Carlos And Dany

Carlos And Dany

Chrisman Studios Report

KarinMorris 3 years ago

I love this one, I'd like to know these two

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#12 Thomas And Greg

Thomas And Greg

Rima Brindamour Report

MayLovelace 3 years ago

OMGs! The looks on their faces! So different and yet so much the same beautiful emotion!

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#13 Same-Sex Wedding

Same-Sex Wedding

Thailen Photo Report

AngelaNichols 3 years ago

what a great idea ! Beautiful photo !

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#14 Colin And Karteek

Colin And Karteek

Chrisman Studios Report

JennyHigginsBradanini 3 years ago

The colors are fabulous , lighting is amazing ..love it