Happy to share with you some of my recent work!

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I started to work with plasticine in 2015 stimulated by the idea to bring to life characters and 2d illustration.

Moved by the passion for crafts and illustration I started to dedicate more time modeling instead in front of computer and pen tablet. I immediately fell in love with plasticine because permitted me to emphasize the comedy factor of my illustration and gave me the chance to distinguish my works by the high amount of 3d and 2d.

After some time spent to reach a good sense of confidence with the material I also started to animate my character and brought them to the next level!

I actually work with Dragon Frame that permits me to move puppet frame by frame.

My process of work consists to build the scene with the character (possible with a wire armature inside) and have a several time of photo shooting. For easy animation, I don't spend more than two/three days to have a final piece. I am always excited by the result and can't wait to share on my Instagram channel, but sometimes I also work on set a month to conquer 40/45 second. My dream is to work on short/long stop-motion animation for movie company industry.

More info: Instagram | vimeo.com



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Jook Doodle Woman 2 months ago

waauw so cool congratz

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