It’s dirty, slobbery, and yet nothing compares 2 U. Honestly, how many times were you caught red-handed trying to secretly dispose of your pet’s favorite toy? And no, a super cool, eco-friendly, hand-made artisan doggo ball that cost a fortune won’t change a thing.

That’s why you gotta get those nasty toys fixed and washed from time to time. But no surprises! Your pet will be watching his beloved trinket like The Queen’s Guard, counting minutes until the ordeal is over and they can reconnect again. Take a look at this selection of the most longing pets waiting for their forever toys like there’s no tomorrow. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

These pets can’t live a minute without their beloved toys no matter how old or dirty they may be

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Sausage dog Pickle and his siblings wouldn’t step away from his fave toy as it was going on a spin cycle

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Lucas the cat was guarding his beloved stuffed leopard as his grandma was mending it

Bored Panda contacted the dog trainer Caitlin Crittenden, an expert at Wag! dog walking service, to find out more about why so many pups get attached to certain toys. Caitlin explained that there may be several reasons for it: “Your dog is mothering her toy baby; she or he has memories and emotions attached to the toy; your dog like the way it smells, your dog has an obsession over it, your dog thinks the toy is a lot of fun (whether you agree or not).”

The dog trainer explained why dogs (just like other pets) wait for their toys to be repaired and washed. In fact, this concern is real. “If your pet has a strong attachment to a specific toy, the pup may be concerned that the toy won’t be returned when you take it away to repair it.” Another way to explain it has to do with your pet’s curiosity. “He or she might also be curious about what you are doing with the toy⁠—maybe you are stuffing it with food?”

Waiting for toys to dry

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Today, I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since

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“Be careful!” This doggo is waiting for his toy to undergo a compulsory procedure


Doggo patiently waits for the toy surgeon from r/aww

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Image credits: tkmj75

Some pets get seriously obsessed over their toys and until you return them, they can feel more stressed than usual. Caitlin said: “That object might bring a great sense of satisfaction and comfort to your dog, and its absence would make them feel very insecure.” If your dog tends to be obsessive about their toy, certainly the pup will be worried about the object until it’s returned.

Caitlin confirmed it’s true that “it can be hard to compete with an old favorite toy.” So if your pet thinks their old toy is their puppy, a prized object to obsess over, a gourmet treat, or something sentimental, there might not be a toy out there that can surpass it.

If mom doesn’t hurry fixing the toy, this pupper may run out of patience

My dog waits patiently while I fix her favorite toy. from r/aww

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My terrier mix waiting while I fix her favorite dog toy. Again

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My 7yr old girl that I rescued 4 years ago waiting ever so patiently for my 79yr old Grandma to fix one of her favorite toys

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Waiting for mom to finish fixing their toy

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Boomer is nervously waiting for me to fix his favorite toy

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Dog patiently waiting for his favorite toy to be fixed

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To the dad fixing the pupper’s first toy, this was us yesterday

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His favourite toy broke and this was he expression until I had fixed it

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This impatient boi grabbed his toy right from the dryer

Golden retriever getting her favorite toy from the dryer after patiently waiting for it to be washed from r/aww

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Labradors and retrievers are also known to love their plushies. That could be a reminder of their breeds’ instinct to recover duck carcasses for their hunters. The birds have to be returned in perfect shape and thus the dog is used to gently gripping the toy with its jaws.

“I ain’t got time for this!”

Pupper is impatiently waiting for her favourite toy to get fixed from r/rarepuppers

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Dexter patiently waiting for his toy to get fixed

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Cat is patiently waiting for toy repair

Image credits: TheFirsh

Image credits: TheFirsh

Good girl waiting for Dad to fix her favorite toy

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