My name is Guido Gutierrez Ruiz and there is nothing I enjoy more than travelling and looking at the world with a different perspective. Through my Instagram @guigurui I share my storytelling images that I capture with my google nexus 5 (and of course, without the use of photoshop).

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Many people don’t like rain, but the puddles left behind can be more than magical. Every time I see a puddle, I take out my smartphone and place the camera lens as close as I can to the water and capture its hidden parallel world. From Paris, London and Madrid to Toronto and New York City, here are a few of the parallel worlds I have captured whilst travelling the world.

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#8 Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain


hOi im tEmMie 1 year ago

all of these are so amazing omggg

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#9 Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain


Hannah Hollowell 1 year ago