While we all live in this age of technology and social media, not all of us choose to create any content there ourselves. And all the while it’s actually safer to stay put behind the blue screen, people who put themselves out there to share their life and insights deserve some appreciation for their courage at least. Recently, actor Matthew McConaughey decided to join the club of fellow social media users and what better time could he find to do the deed than his own 50th birthday! Let’s all hope this brings him as much happiness as it did for the people on the Internet.

Recently, Matthew McConaughey decided to join social media

In a short video that he chose to post for his first social media appearance, the actor shared a heartfelt message saying, “When people come to my page, I want them to see me. Look, this is my first venture into sharing myself and my views with the world and I’m a little nervous about it. Because, quite frankly, I know I want to have a monologue. ”

By sharing a video on his 50th birthday


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Followed by this selfie with Jimmy Fallon and a massive group of students

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“I’m not sure I want to have the dialogue. But I’ve learned that you got to have the dialogue to have the monologue, just as you have to have a monologue to have the dialogue. So, I’m looking forward to it, I’m looking forward to sharing who I am with you. ”

He also created an Instagram story highlight named “Howdy”

Let’s see if it gets blessed with anything else than those couple of “howdies” he posted on his first day

“I’m looking forward to seeing if who I am translates, if what I want to share translates, if it tickles your funny bone, if it makes you think a second, if it makes your heart swell up a little bit, if it makes you take a quiet moment for a walk and go, ‘I got to check in with the M and the E.’ Hopefully all those things. Let’s have some fun with it though. Let’s keep the high eye, not the low eye.”

The actor is not the first one to join Instagram at the ripe age of 50 as Jennifer Aniston did it 3 weeks ago

People were excited about what he has to share