There are a lot of discussions about whether or not birds can feel the same emotions as human beings. According to zoologist Tim Birkhead, it seems that birds do have feelings, but there‘s no scientific agreement.

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While researches are still ongoing, these photos show some evidences that birds might communicate their feelings to each other. Submit your pics and let's prove that the love is true!

#4 Pigeons In Love

Pigeons In Love Report

Murdell Black 2 years ago

Very loving,awesome

#13 Parrots Couple

Parrots Couple

kitty bern Report

Murdell Black 2 years ago

Tender moments

#15 Inseparable Bird

Inseparable Bird

Ibrahim Oubahmane Report

Murdell Black 2 years ago

Lovable pair

#23 Colorful Parrot Couple

Colorful Parrot Couple

amit erez Report

PrashantKarnath 3 years ago

Those are rainbow lorikeets... pretty birds