As a mother of two very young children, I haven't slept a whole night through for a couple years. Looking at their faces in the moonlight when getting up to comfort them in the night I created in my mind a vision of a child's dreamland. That inspired me to create magical childhood images.

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As many mothers, I got interested in photography when my children were born. But because I was working full time as an architect I had only evenings and weekends to photograph the children and nights to edit the photos. So the dark night time, dreamy images came naturally. The visions were coming when half sleeping half away I was putting my kids back to bed. Not the exact scenes but more a feeling or an atmosphere I wanted to capture.

I was also very much inspired by animated movies for children such as "Polar Express" or Pixar "La Luna". In the atmosphere of magic and wonder, I found my way of approaching photography.

I started creating magical images of my children childhood four years ago with a head full of ideas and an empty pocket. I spend all my savings to buy an affordable camera and started using analog lenses my parents used with their Zenit.

With time and a lot of hard work, I managed to upgrade my skills and equipment.

When creating those images the hardest thing is not the lighting or editing afterward or preparing the scene, but working with young children. To capture their beautiful emotion in facial expressions and body language I need to be patient and quick if a perfect moment happens and have my camera always ready. Children can't be forced or talked into doing something they don't want to. My work with children doesn't start with the moment of taking the camera into my hand. It takes all the time I have to observe them, talk to them and spend time with them.

My images are something between dreams and reality. With the use of my camera, my imagination, editing software and a help from my children I want to transform my viewers into the world of wonder.

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#6 My Nieces Waiting For Santa

My Nieces Waiting For Santa

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Shruti Naik 2 months ago

Ohh this is so sweet!

#14 My Son Adam And Ready To Go To Bed

My Son Adam And Ready To Go To Bed

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Agnieszka Rygula 2 months ago

i love this Picture so much <3

#20 My Son Adam With Christmas Lights On The New Year's Eve Night

My Son Adam With Christmas Lights On The New Year's Eve Night

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Bored Fangirl 2 months ago

'Will?' XD I love these, the photography is truly stunning and your family looks wonderful. :)

#21 My Son Adam Playing With His Trains

My Son Adam Playing With His Trains

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jawadamimi1 3 months ago

thank you for beautiful photos