When people have pets, they'll most often have some sort of nickname for them. What do you call yours?


We have 2 Shetland sheepdogs, Sky and Finnick. They're sweet, loving dogs, but not very clever and sometimes they get into trouble. Their nicknames include:

-Wingus and Dingus
-Frick and Frack
-Thing 1 and Thing 2


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I forgot "Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber" 😂


Our dog's name is Charlie, so I call him Charles Xavier.



I have a crazy black cat. I call her Bean, Babean (pronounced "bay-bean" like baby), Fuzz, Pudge,Tot, and Keys. I call her Keys because she's either where you left her, or you can't find her ANYWHERE.



Well... I have a cat I call Betty "The Loaf" Lumper-Lou, a dog named Lord Huxley Beefheart, and another dog named Desmond Tutu Frofro Mooch Mooch.



My adult dog:Mimi and baby (Real name is Emilia) Puppy: Pup Pup, May May, Mace, Moo Moo, and hotdog (Real name is Macy) Cat: Chunky butt, Chunks, babe, Marky, and also Moo Moo (Real name Mark)


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You named your cat “Mark”? Awesome.


My family has a Newfoundland. If you've never seen pictures of a newfoundland, I can tell you they are HUGE and EXTREMELY FLUFFY. So now we call him floof. And also floofball.



my cats (two beautiful calico cat sisters) are called Purrito (occationally fatty, guzzlecat or chubby) and Jellybean (sometimes reffered to as annoying cow or baby) .. love them :D

and a brachypelma smithi nammed Purzelchen (tiny tumble, roughly translated)


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I admire people who can handle having a spider around. I don’t mind them if I can’t see them, but knowing it could get out and crawl on me - no thank you 😬


My 1st Germans Shepard dog was a well bred male we named Debit. we paid $400.USD in 1987 Some bills were put off that month while we enjoyed our Debit



Our dog is nicknamed Fishy Mc Fishbreath. This is due to the fact that one of her food packs is “Swish Fish” and she just loves burping in your face after she’s eaten it. She’s a rescue dog. Her breed is Bitsa (bits’a setter, bits’a hound, bits’a hearth rug, bits’a tiger, loads of gas). Wouldn’t have her any other way!



I have one bunny, and I call him many names. Here are a few:
Sweet perfect baby boy; baby; peanut; cutie; perfect angel.



Real name is pepper but after my aunt spoiled her and treated her like a princess we now call her princess peppy peps



Well, we have a lot of weird names for our adorable annoying mutt, I will only put the ones I can spell, (real name Beau) Beauzinga, Muttburger, Butthead, Beauzer. He basically goes by Beauzer now. (Beau is pronounced Bo for those who don’t know)



My cat, his name is Fat boy, his nick name is kitty nooners. My dog, Mia, she's a black a white pitbull bulldog mix, i call her moo.



Dog-Princess prancy paws of the uptown prancy paws

Cat-The fluffy-butted merry murderess



Boo-Little boots, lunch lady arms, booski, assassin, ninja kitty
Conan-Coney Zamboney, chonkers, fish breath
Nessa-walnut head, diva, princess pants



I have two cats, I call one of them baby man, and the other, fat man. I love them to death!



Cats: Gabby Emmie Sydney Carly

Dogs: Max Maggie Zoey Scooby Lucy Romeo

Fish:(no name)


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Awww why doesn’t the fish have a name??


We call my overweight cat many thinks, her name is Rita, but she also responds to: Fat cat, Thickey, Thickkums, Hecking chonk, and chunky baby.



Name: Maxwell
AKA Fat Boy
AKA Mackwell
AKA Chiquis



My cat's name is koko, but we call her a lot of things:
our little loaf, bean, bad cat, and kitty.



I have three dogs and a tortoise.
First dog, Brownie: Buns, BB, Old lady(Cause she’s 14) and brownie Sunday
Second dog, Tucker: Chonk, Chubbs, little man, and Burrito cause he’s a Chiweenie
Third dog, Paige: Spaz, Spoted one, weirdo
Tortoise, Nubs: Nubins, Nubbles, the Nubble telescope



Molly is the mama. Due to her extremely flexible backside, and her regal demeanor, her full name is Her Royal Highness Princess Molly Wagglebottoms, or Waggles for short. Kept one of her first litter. Named him Seven, but also call him Bazaa, an Australian term for buddy. Out of her second litter, we kept a male and the kids named him Honey. His nickname? Bunches....as in Honey Bunches of O's.



3 Cats:
Simon is the oldest - he gets called baby-boy-cat and little Moo/Woo {the sound he makes is this chirpy little woooo}

Winston is the chonky orange - he gets called Fluffy cat, Squishy-cat, Plushie-plush, and Beast

Chase is our newest cat and my baby - he gets called floofer-butt, Chasie-Chase {his personal fav), Bunny-cat {cuz his fur is so soft), and Flopper-cat {cuz he never lays down, he flops over.}


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Sumo the cat:Big floof, Floofy boy, Mr meow.
Maximus the dog: Max, Maxy, Boo.
My two other foster cats Louis and Onyx don't have any nicknames yet.



I recently adopted another dog a week ago!

She's an all black dog so I named her Dev!

I also have a brown dog named Brownie!

Brownie is a male and dev is a female so I'm trying to get them to have puppies!

I also have two cats that my mother has

one is a girl her name is Sparkles ( I decided to name her that when I was seven)

then I have another cat who is male Whispers ( my dad wants
to call him Quaid for some reason)

so that's all my pets that I have



I call my BEAUTIFUL black kitty Queen of the Night, her real name is Polly. Her full name is Polly Pauline, because I named her when I was six and I regret it but I just can't change it either!



My dog is Moscow. I call him Mosket most of the time. I have 5 cats. Other than the 22year old I’ve had forever, I’ve given up keeping track of the others and just call them all the same name.


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My Newfoundland was Boogieman and "Pūpsikas" (loose translation: Puffie). Original name Boogie by previous owners. Official name in his passport "Only The Best".



We have 2 cats
(Aria) The Plant, Cat, Area
(Puff) Puff Ball, Fluff, Cat



My olds mans called orange and I call him Bobo ( idk how to spell it but I call him Orange juice in German 🤪) baby Orange CUTIEEE color and boi



Nox - Male - Black Tuxedo - Just under a year old - Wanted a name to go with his adopted sister

Athena - Female - Tabby - Just under a year old - I knew when I came home from my vacation in Greece in 2019 that I wanted a pet named Athena.



I don't have one currently, but the cat we had was often referred to simply as "the animal" or "the creature".
We once wanted to find out if the came because we called his name, or just because we called, and so we shouted CHEEESE! ...and sure enough, cat came running. :D



I have a male dog named Buddy. We call him Bud, Buddy, and Bud Bud. We also call him Mr. Wags because he wails his tail a lot. Another name we have for him is Mr. Noodles because he loves to eat spaghetti noodles and he makes a funny smacking sound with his mouth when he eats it.



His name is Kalle - so his nicknames are Kalligula, Kalligator, Kallimero, Baby, Boboo and Stinkehase ( smelly rabbit)



I have 4 dogs..

Jasper is AKA JazzPers, Jazzy P and PuppyHead.

Missy is AKA Misses Kisses , Missy has kisses in her face but she won't share them

Luna AKA Lina Balloona, Looney Boones

Biddy AKA Biddy Bot, Biddy Butt, Misses Bits



Princess bubbles nicknames are bubble butt, baaaaaby, coconut cat, princess, and pretty baby. Luna (fat) nicknames are fatty, grace, oil puddle, crazy, bubby, hun, and buna . Jacks nicknames are jacko taco, Tabaco jacko, and scaredy-cat. Leo’s nicknames are leoooooooooooooo, beo, zoomie dog, perito, pogo de Fante, and Pero de gante



My dog Tater Tot got nicknamed Mr. Potatoes by my friend and now I call my dogs Spuddies.


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I had a dog I adopted as a senior, and it was clear she had been terribly abused/neglected in the past. Her name was Sage, but I called her Beautiful every day she was with me because I'm pretty sure no one told her she was beautiful before I did.

The dog I have now is named Crowley, but he answers to Bub, Bubby, Bubba, and Boo. I also call him DOT (Destroyer of Toys) and Crazy Pants. When he has an episode of the zoomies, we call him Zoomer.



My cat's name is Socks and he's just a big baby. From time to time I call him Socksy, at least his name ain't Fox.



Kiki and bean bean