Rant about it.


As someone in the lgbtqiap+ community, it really annoys me whenever someone….
1. Uses the wrong pronouns on purpose. It’s 2021 why are we still here.
2. Says we are the lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqia, or lgbtiap community. The + is there for a reason.
3. Says there are 2 genders, and that they are biological sex. It’s disrespectful to intersex people to say that their bio sex is invalid, plus gender isn’t bio sex. Enbys, genderfluid, genderqueer, those are all valid genders that aren’t boy/girl
4. Says that bi is the same as pan BECAUSE there are 2 genders. Again, there are more.
5. Is homophobic and invades lgbtqiap+ spaces. Stop going out of your way to make us mad.

Sorry for the long submission.


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Well, that's about as clear as mud then. I am now totally confused. I'm just gonna stop talking to people so that I don't unwittingly offend them.


People throwing litter on the ground, i litter pick twice a week because it makes me so sad to see all the rubbish everywhere even where there are bins 😢 if everyone who is able to litter pick could help or even just take your rubbish home to throw it away it would really make a difference!



This might seem really trivial but this really irks me. How lucky some people are in life. I know there is the whole "luck is when preparation meets opportunity" but sometimes that's just BS. Lol. I've got friends and relatives that are just plain and simple, lucky. I'd try and try and try and do everything I can and not get what I want and they'll just have some random events hand it to them. Don't even mention the things that they get away with that I'd always get in trouble for if I ever thought of doing it.
It has been over 30 years and it just really annoys me every single time. (Thanks for the chance to rant).



I was told when I was a kid not to say 'I hate', instead to say 'I dislike'.
I was told that hate requires passion, hate cannot be reasoned with, hate can only be fuelled until it becomes all encompassing and takes away your ability to enjoy life.
As I've grown older, I've found this to be true. I look at the world and wonder at the level of hate going on and it confuses me.
I cannot hate any group, party, gang, organisation or person.

But I can hate aubergine! It's disgusting and I will wipe it's existence from this planet!



Social media

It's become people bragging about their life (however untrue the picture they paint is), and feeling entitled enough to be downright nasty to other people.



I try to be kind to everyone and I can't stand rudeness or people that are disrespectful to others. I don't like it when people don't treat others kindly.



People eating loudly and smacking their lips, just want to smash their face into their plate!


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This guy at my church yells AMEN after every sentence! And after a while, it gets a little annoying.



1. People who don't use their blinkers.
2. People who don't stop for school busses.
3. The double standard of sexual harassment of men, where if it happened to a woman it would be assault.



When you're halfway through reading something online and then suddenly a big banner comes up telling you to 'donate' or 'register' to see the rest of the article. It really grinds my gears.



Right so there was this girl and looking back she was such a bitch her name was Alice and God do I hate her because she was an absolute ass hole she would put me down for the littlest things and making the littlest mistakes and I couldn't trust her with anything because she would tell anyone anything she felt like she would say really embarrassing stuff about me that I trusted her with then when I was having bad self harm and suicidal problems she told me in front of the whole class to go jump off a cliff then she would also say really embarrassing stuff really loudly about my friends with social anxiety and also she would always judge me for not being perfect and always say I'm way to skinny when really I just don't gain weight well and she always made me insecure about myself I was scared of he'd because she would lash out and deliberately hurt me or get me in trouble and it was a genuinely toxic friendship not one of those things where one person says something bitchy and everyone calls it a toxic thing no thsi was serious and it put me through literal living hell


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