Sometimes we get to focus on the bad things, and that can seriously drag you down. (I should know!)

So, take just a small moment to focus on the good things.


This is for my best friend (and also my crush)
You are the nicest person I have ever met, you are beautiful, your smile can make me feel happy on even my worst days. You are amazing. Never doubt yourself. I would do anything for you, even on your bad days I will always be there for you.



This is for my lovely crush and bff!
You are funny and an amazing person. You make people laugh nonstop no matter what! You don't usually get in arguments but when you do you resolve them! Plus...I love your hair dude lmao



This is for my friend that I had to leave behind when I moved away. I really love your personality, your smile, your kindness, OMG the list can go on forever. I hope to find you someday.



To my best friends
You guys are amazing, funny, smart, reliable, and helped me through some of the hardest times in my life.



My partner...

Extremely supportive and will listen and ask questions even if it isn’t something that they personally like

Accepts me for me (I’m non binary and have ptsd) and has never made me feel bad for any of it

Has always been there for my when I’m having a panic attack or to encourage me me when I’m so depressed I can’t get out of bed

Once told me that if I could see myself through his eyes I’d never see any of my flaws...which made me start loving myself

Video chats with me and plays videogames with me every night

Respects my boundaries

Randomly tells me what they appreciate about me

Is very accepting of all people and has the same world views as me

I could really go on and on



i have 2 but i`m gonna go with the first one. she is nice, smart, and loveble. if i could pick anyone to die with it would be her!! She goes to my school and helped me make a aswome friend. i love her and always will love her.



To H, you are just amazing and supportive and gorgeous and amazing and funny. Verrry funny 😂 also rude but that's okay because no one can ever be as perfect as you 😂 you've got my back and I've got yours 💖



This is for my... well I actually don't know how to describe my relationship but here goes

1) You sit through hours watching my favorite show with me even though you hate it
2)You always find a way to compliment me
3)Youre absolutely hilarious without even meaning to be
4)I have so many more reason I don't even have enough time to list them I love YOU!!



My friend!
-Amazingly funny
-Always had great song recommendations
-Always up for my late night rants
-Has a laugh and smile that always makes me happy
I had a dream I was getting kidnapped by rick steves, my friend asked for pictures.



My BFF and crush, GD. She is so amazing just because she accepts me for who I am, no matter how much of a weirdo I am, is the greatest listener to my incessant rants, respectfully agrees with my views even though she sometimes has her own, and then tells me what she thinks, and her smile just makes my whole day better. She refuses to conform to the mold of society, helps me when I make bad choices, and pushes me back in the right direction, and is just the best person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you, GD, for making my life brighter, even though I'm a coward and won't tell you.


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To my best friend and crush
You are funny and don’t like people, including me. (Sigh) you also have the best freckles, which I only get when I have ssunbjrn



To my best friend. You're smart and kind. Your funny and an awesome friend. You've stuck with me through thick and thin, even though I don't think I've always deserved it. You helped me become more open and a better person in general. Thank you for everything. You've literally been my rock during quarantine.



For My best friend,
I know you know I'm sometimes a jerk. But you've always been my favorite person. You brighten up my day when I see you and your fabulous freckles that you say you hate. ilysmg.



my sista. i love how my sista look like a kit kat and how she my sista



To my next door neighbor:
You where such a good big sis, and now you’re the best brother ever, even if we’re not blood related. I can’t count how much you’ve done for me, from invite me to parties when I had no friends to comforting me when I was sick. You are the best neighbor/friend/sibling I could ever imagine. I hope we forever maintain contact no matter what. Thank you.


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My BFF/Crush!
She is amazing, beautiful, so so corny, and we have an incredible friendship with each other! The sad part is she's leaving when summer starts D:



To my sister:

Thank you for checking in with me when you have time. I know you’ve been busy lately, but it means a lot to me. You’re resilient, hard-working, and more talented than I’ll probably ever be. You’re never afraid to stand up for yourself and your beliefs and I know you would do anything for your family. Thank you for treating me as much like a friend as you do like a sister.



My 7 year old son

I love his smile, his laugh, his hugs, his ideas, his everything. He is kind and loving, has big plans for the future and can be annoying as hell. Wouldnt have it any other way ❤❤❤


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