The zoo is a fun and educational day out for the whole family. Right? Well, try telling that to this traumatized kid. See that look on her face? That look is called TERROR, because behind her lurks the stuff of nightmares, the feathered embodiment of evil itself, the most fearsome creature known to man...the child-chasing peacock of doom! It's no laughing matter. Ok, maybe it is. Which is why Photoshop battlers couldn't resist when the picture was recently uploaded to Reddit by a user named bwaxse, whose family trip to the zoo didn't quite go as planned. Take a look at some of their hilarious creations below.

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Think you can do better? Then send us your best efforts! We've even prepared a cutout for you, which you can find here.

"Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned"


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#1 Run, You Fools!

Run, You Fools!

Thesolarbear_ Report

Celia McDaniel 1 year ago

"Altogether now run forest (and little girl)"

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#3 She Qualified For The Olympic Trials!

She Qualified For The Olympic Trials!

scotchosaka Report

Bitch Pudding 1 year ago

Yaaaas queen! Slay mawma!

#6 Scary Enough For Me..

Scary Enough For Me..


Charlotte Phillips 1 year ago

Omg run run!!!! Before trumpasaurus Rex gets you!!!

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#7 Revenge


jmprog Report

Albino Squirrel 1 year ago

"911 he stole my money!"

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#9 Jurassic Nope

Jurassic Nope

Unknown Report

Albino Squirrel 1 year ago

I was about to sing the Star Wars theme song when I realized it wasn't the right one

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