A black cat interrupted a rugby game between between Australian rugby league teams the Penrith Panthers and the Cronulla Sharks during last Sunday afternoon’s match, and the sight was no less than majestic.

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The speedy feline rushed through the Pepper Stadium back and forth as fans cheered it. It must have been a nice distraction from the fact that the home team Panthers lost 26-10 to the Sharks. The unusual intrusion also echoed throughout the internet, giving a solid reason for a photoshop battle. Take part in this challenge and submit your own photos, or vote on your favorites!

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#1 Go!



Tania Andini 1 year ago

gotta CATch 'em all!

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#5 Hurdle Cat

Hurdle Cat

jukkak15 Report

Yvonne Bernal 1 year ago

Would have been easier if the can just ran under . . . . hahaaa

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#6 Toothless!


GoatNipps Report

Jessica Holter 1 year ago

My cat's name is toothless lol

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#7 Action Comics

Action Comics

FlavourText_ Report

Yvonne Bernal 1 year ago

More like 'supermanx'

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#9 The Neverending Purr

The Neverending Purr

KillerRu Report

Veronika Rudnicka 1 year ago

Nevpurrending story

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#10 He Foul Me

He Foul Me

RexLeou Report

Tillie Martinussen 1 year ago

That's pretty awesome. X)

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#13 Space Cat

Space Cat

XtaC_Ewok Report

John Tse 1 year ago

Oh I thought this was mimicking 'The Lion King' when Simba was seeing his dad in the sky.

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#15 Searching For Luke

Searching For Luke

MilesBennettDyson101 Report

Michel Guntern 1 year ago

A challenger to Putin.