Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp and his beautiful border collie Momo, who we wrote about last year, are back with more cute and awesome find-the-dog photos.

Momo’s not quite like other dogs – when he runs to fetch a stick, rather than returning it, he hides. So Knapp started taking pictures in which the viewer was supposed to find Momo. At first, they were just for his nieces and nephews, but when he posted the photos online, the reception was excellent. Now, Momo has his own blog (Find Momo) where Knapp shares photos of his crafty sidekick. Knapp has even released a book of his photos of Momo, which can be found on Amazon.

Some of the photos are just for fun, but in some of them, Momo seems to have found quite a good hiding spot. And what’s more frustrating is that he’s often “hiding” in plain sight! Can you spot him in every photo?

Source: gofindmomo.com | Amazon

This is How Momo The Dog Looks

Can You Find Momo in These Photos?

“Find Momo” photography book is available on Amazon.