Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp invites everyone to find Momo, his strange 4.5-year-old border collie, who, unlike other dogs, would always hide when fetching sticks instead of returning them.

Andrew initially started making the pictures as a gift to his nephews and nieces, but after uploading them online, the response was greatly appreciative. Andrew even started a special Find Momo blog, where the fans soon started demanding a book. This is now among Andrew’s plans, and the adorable photo shoots continue.

You’d think a black and white dog must hide best when there’s snow, but it’s just as hard to spot him in any other surroundings. Think it’s no challenge for you? See how fast you can find him in the photos below!

Website: gofindmomo.com (via)

This is How Momo Looks

Now Find Momo!