The internet is truly a weird place. And here’s another proof of that. Turns out, spending time on the internet can lead you to accidentally running into your stepsister that you knew nothing about. Yep.

One time, this Twitter user named Bitchseida casually posted a photo on her profile capturing her mom along with her new boyfriend sitting in a boat. “My mom divorced my dad who constantly cheated on her and now she out here living her best life in Cabo with a new boo who takes her places,” she wrote in that post.

More info:

Here’s the fateful post

Many people were congratulating her mom and complimenting how good they look together

But then soon enough, one particular reply caught everyone’s eye. A confused girl named Kenna replied by saying that it was actually her dad captured in the picture

Kenna even uploaded another picture of her dad to proof that she’s not lying

At this point, people were super confused since they assumed that Kenna’s dad is cheating. But then the girl cleared everything up by noting that her parents are divorced

These two girls were even looking forward to meeting up!

Here’s what people were saying about all of this