Meet Gab Bois, a Montreal-based artist who has conquered the internet with her surreal fashion and household items. She uses random everyday things to make unique pieces that might not be very practical but are guaranteed to catch your eye.

“I was always into fashion, especially DIY fashion, even as a kid. I would help my mom remove the leaves from the corn cobs and then we would use them to make doll dresses. I’d also make flower necklaces for the neighborhood cats during my free time, little things like that. Being an only child and playing by myself, I was put into a position where I had to find ways to keep myself occupied, and I developed a huge interest in doing little crafts, so I can say a part of the work I do now still comes from that childhood interest and curiosity,” the artist told Bored Panda in a previous interview

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Bored Panda got in touch with Gab Bois again to learn more about her creative process and herself. Looking at all the unique pieces, we were curious to know how the artist chooses the materials for her creations. "What I love about my work is that each project is a unique problem that I have to solve," she shared. "Each concept comes with its own questions; Will it be permanent or temporary? Will it be worn? Will it be photographed or used in a space? The materials then have to adapt to these needs to create a successful piece."

Bois told us that her favorite part of the process is usually the start: "brainstorming and letting my mind come up with all sorts of ideas. After having chosen a concept, I really enjoy the production process. Seeing my abstract idea take shape and become a real-life object never gets old."


Gab Bois explores the bizarre side of ordinary items, with a focus on everyday things like food, technology, and fashion. We asked her where she gets inspiration for her works. "I like to stay up-to-date with trends by consuming lots of online content and other media such as magazines and movies," she replied. "By keeping in touch with current themes and styles, I can subvert them in my own way. I also try to spend time in places that inspire me like grocery stores or flea markets. These spaces of complete order or chaos are rich with inspiration. It is like a scavenger hunt where I forage for ideas and materials."

"My work is endlessly fulfilling as I get to do what I spent my childhood doing: playing and creating. I would build hotels for the neighborhood cats or feasts for the garden snails, ceaselessly finding inspiration in my own backyard. Being able to continue this childhood whimsy as an adult feels like I am living a beautiful forever dream!"


Celery Skirt

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Okay the skirt is impressive but can we talk about the effort on that racquet handle!

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