Time flies by so fast, especially when we're watching our little canine friends grow up. It seems like just yesterday, I brought the little puppy that could barely fit in my hands home, and now he's all grown up... Can you relate? You're not alone!

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A few days ago, we asked Bored Panda users to share pics of their dogs growing up. Now, we've picked out the best ones, added our own selection of pics, and put together this adorable list! Compiled by Bored Panda, the list features pics that are so cute, it's impossible to look at them without saying 'aww'. Keep on scrolling to check them out and feel free to submit your own!

#2 Friends Forever

Friends Forever

goldlyon Report

John L 12 months ago

This is what 'bonding' is all about: Love! :D

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#5 Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

bellyandbabloo Report

Hamlets twin 11 months ago

I still love you buddy. but. you're.squishing. meeeeeee

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#6 What A Difference Six Months Make

What A Difference Six Months Make


Hope Floats 12 months ago

Oh he's gorgeous!..Love him!

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#8 112 Dog Years

112 Dog Years

zboubDeCampagne Report

criminalgirl 12 months ago

Lovely old baby, she/he looks so loved up.

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#9 12 Weeks Apart

12 Weeks Apart

iglutensuks Report

Hans 12 months ago

"Feed her well", the breeder said...

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#10 Growing Up

Growing Up

MillandGrace Report

TerminatorLover 12 months ago

Before Yoda was green

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