Sometimes you have to stop everything you're doing and start questioning things, like, is this a chihuahua or a muffin? Labradoodle or fried chicken? Puppy or bagel? These are the tough questions Karen Zack is raising on her twitter @teenybiscuit.

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Karen describes herself as a "media production workhorse," and she must really know her thing. Her funny animal and food comparison tweets are going viral all over the Internet.

Have more uncanny dog comparisons to add? Upload your pics! Instagram's brunch photos will never look the same again.

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#1 Puppy Or Bagel?

Puppy Or Bagel?

teenybiscuit Report

KateFahr 2 years ago

It would help if the pics were larger...and if there was an answer key to see if I'm right. But let's see: P B P B B P B P P B P B B P B P

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#2 Sheepdog Or Mop?

Sheepdog Or Mop?

teenybiscuit Report

deresavo 2 years ago

thats not a pulli its a Komondor

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#3 Chihuahua Or Muffin?

Chihuahua Or Muffin?

teenybiscuit Report

DariusB. 2 years ago


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#4 Shar-Pei Or Towel?

Shar-Pei Or Towel?


BrianAdam 2 years ago

So towel is a food? Interesting

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#5 Labradoodle Or Fried Chicken?

Labradoodle Or Fried Chicken?

teenybiscuit Report

ChuckLarson 2 years ago

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Puppy s or bagels?

#6 Shar-Pei Or Croissant

Shar-Pei Or Croissant


Dawn “Moonstone” Suns 2 years ago

idk about the one second to the right on the bottom. Shar-pei or crossiant?

#7 Puppy Or Teddy Bear?

Puppy Or Teddy Bear?


Liliana V 1 year ago

Last time I checked teddy bears where not food... "Hmm... I dont see Teddy Bear on the Menu today." -Alien Phil

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#8 Pug Or Loaf

Pug Or Loaf


stanleyscout 2 years ago

These are all GREAT!!!! LOVE THIS!!!

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