These crocheted pet hats are just the thing for this fall and winter season. Handmade by Meredith Langley of Florence, South Carolina, her hats come in a variety of colors and themes, including Star Wars!

Pet clothing is a controversial topic in the pet community, with many scoffing at the daintily dressed pugs in the park. However, animal breeds that come from warmer climates do need something to keep them warm when they're kept in colder climates.

More info: Etsy (h/t: neatorama)

#1 Viking Cat Helmet

Viking Cat Helmet

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TinyDynamine 3 years ago

It's a myth that viking helmets had horns.

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#2 Aviator Hat

Aviator Hat

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guess 3 years ago

If you imagine a little beak, it looks like a horned owl hat

#3 Dark Lord Space Helmet

Dark Lord Space Helmet

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LouWow 2 years ago

Ideal hat for a pug. They have the Darth Vader breathing already.

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#4 Princess Leia Hat

Princess Leia Hat

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#5 Lion Hat

Lion Hat

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#6 Wizard Hat

Wizard Hat

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SmileyRie 3 years ago

Laugh & I'll show you what magic I can do....

#7 Graduation Hat

Graduation Hat

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#8 Witch Hat

Witch Hat

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#9 Turkey Hat

Turkey Hat

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Ninety9Deaths(Nin3ty9D3aths) 2 years ago

don't tell me you want me to say gobble gobble

#10 Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel Costume

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lindsay08espique 2 years ago

other cats would be chasing poor Repunzel...