Unrealistic social media beauty standards might hold people back from sharing fun moments with their friends and family just because they don't look 'good enough'. But it shouldn't be this way, and 21-year-old Michelle Liu is setting the perfect alternative example.

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This travel-focused witty Instagrammer is 'chinning' all over the world, poking fun at people struggling to keep their feeds 'perfect'. From majestic architectural monuments to stock-photo-worthy sunflower fields, all of her high-angle 'chinfies' are beautiful just the way they are. Scroll down to enjoy a healthy dose of travel comedy, and vote for your favorite images!

More info: Instagram (h/t designtaxi)

#1 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Michelle Liu Report

Ágnes Királyházi 9 months ago

yeah, where I live <3 nice group photo :)

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#3 Germany


Michelle Liu Report

Cherie O 9 months ago

I love this!! They are having fun and will laugh at the pic for a long time.

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#4 Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Michelle Liu Report

Rosa Kim 9 months ago


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#5 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Michelle Liu Report

Adéla Uliňáková 9 months ago

Yeah! My city! Great job :D

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#6 Kaisermühlen, Austria

Kaisermühlen, Austria

Michelle Liu Report

Loggerhead 9 months ago

Swan is not amused...

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#9 Revere Beach, US

Revere Beach, US

Michelle Liu Report

phattiusmax 9 months ago

Is that the USS CHINook?

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#10 New York, US

New York, US

Michelle Liu Report

Lidee Moril 9 months ago

In Trump’s America, this is probably the most appropriate face you can make right now when posing with that flag.

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