Besides serving as an important source of employment for broke art students, clever chalkboard sidewalk signs like these are also great for entertaining and attracting customers!

College students love to see signs like these in front of their favorite cafes or bars, but just about any store can throw up a good chalkboard sign if they have a witty and/or talented artist. If you've seen any cool chalk signs, please add them to this list – and upvote your favorites, too!

#1 No Hipsters

No Hipsters Report

KristinBarretoRodgers 3 years ago

OMG! I'm dying from laughter!

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#2 Sign Outside A Wine Tasting Bar In Napa

Sign Outside A Wine Tasting Bar In Napa

Borderhopinmex Report

StephenWooden 3 years ago

Love this

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#3 Trust Me

Trust Me

Psychoprozac Report

frank0ys 3 years ago

...Nice try vodka, nice try.

#4 Pilates?


cosmicbeing90 Report

ElizabethRowan 3 years ago

Coffee? I'm in.

#5 UK Pub Signs

UK Pub Signs

Fishamatician Report

DarrenLeybourne 3 years ago

Haha that's down the road from me. They got quite a few complaints.

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#6 Truth


NolanClarkJr Report

TinyDynamine 3 years ago

Except the second drawing depicts "During coffee". ;)

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#7 Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign

WhereDidYouComeFromWhereDidYouGo Report

DulcePaulina 3 years ago

My dogs' vet has a sign at her office saying this. Hilarious!

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#8 Cheeky Pub Sign

Cheeky Pub Sign


PeteZach 3 years ago

Nice ones :)

#9 Free Beer

Free Beer

lilcox Report

Beans2244 3 years ago

That sign is in flamingo land !

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#10 Soup Of The Day

Soup Of The Day


SusannaVesna 3 years ago

Ahahha! I have friends who'd love to go there!

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