If you like Photoshop battles, this particular one is especially eggciting! It all began when someone posted a photo of a fried egg... The only problem is that this egg is not an egg at all.

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Now Photoshop wizards from around the world are really heating up this battle with their hilarious, and creative responses - if you think you can do better, be sure to download the image, and post your submission below!


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#2 Soft Cat By Dali

Soft Cat By Dali

evil-i Report

varwenea 1 year ago

The melting egg? "The Persistence of Poultry"

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#3 Saltbae !

Saltbae !


Sk A Saber 1 year ago

Great job...

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#4 Nothing Like A Fry Up

Nothing Like A Fry Up

YorkshireMoonMan Report

varwenea 1 year ago

The breakfast of champions (or a teenage boy, or lumberjack perhaps)

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#5 Dreams Are Made Of

Dreams Are Made Of

LimitlessF Report

Petra Madsen 1 year ago

Admit it guys... We all dig for those

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