If you like Photoshop battles, this particular one is especially eggciting! It all began when someone posted a photo of a fried egg... The only problem is that this egg is not an egg at all.

Now Photoshop wizards from around the world are really heating up this battle with their hilarious, and creative responses - if you think you can do better, be sure to download the image, and post your submission below!


Download Original | Download Cut Out

#1 This Was A Bad Idea Honey

This Was A Bad Idea Honey

shopitlikeitshot Report

Superluminal1 1 year ago

And the yolk's on you!

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#2 Soft Cat By Dali

Soft Cat By Dali

evil-i Report

varwenea 1 year ago

The melting egg? "The Persistence of Poultry"

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#3 Saltbae !

Saltbae !


Sk A Saber 1 year ago

Great job...

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#4 Nothing Like A Fry Up

Nothing Like A Fry Up

YorkshireMoonMan Report

varwenea 1 year ago

The breakfast of champions (or a teenage boy, or lumberjack perhaps)

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#5 Dreams Are Made Of

Dreams Are Made Of

LimitlessF Report

Petra Madsen 1 year ago

Admit it guys... We all dig for those

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#6 Hurricane Cat-Trina

Hurricane Cat-Trina

TmickyD Report

Craftykit 1 year ago

Its terrifrying

#7 Happy Meal

Happy Meal

s123man Report

#8 Solar System

Solar System

darkshiv1 Report

#9 A Stanley Mewbrick Film

A Stanley Mewbrick Film

davepollotart Report

Justyna 1 year ago

it looks more like a tangerine to me.

#10 Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

PurpleLobster22 Report

Jazlyn J. 1 year ago

Hmm, not sure if i would be eating this very suspicious looking egg. I wonder what laid it?