If you’ve ever tried to cosplay someone, you know how long it takes to prepare a creative costume. But what if you painted it?

Canadian artist Kay Pike turns herself into famous superheroes and other cartoon characters by painting the looks straight onto her naked body. Some of the cool artworks take over 10 hours to make! It’s definitely not for everyone, but the effort pays of when you see the striking superhero costumes.

Kay started learning about this unique art in 2015 after meeting Lianne Moseley, Guest Bodypainter at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015. She has been trying new tools and materials ever since. If you’re interested in seeing how the body art costumes come to life, you should keep an eye on Kay’s Twitch account, where she livestreams the process!

More info: Instagram | Twitch | Patreon | Facebook (h/t: DeMilked)

Poison Ivy



Lady Deadpool

Captain Planet







Batman and Two-Face

Kay Pike without makeup: