Though the COVID-19 vaccine is currently the only effective tool for beating the pandemic, it’s not a thing that will put an end to the virus itself. It just means that you will become much more resilient to its effects and possibly reduce the spread to a significant degree.

However, though we are making our first step to freedom from lockdown, it’s not over yet, and there will still be certain restrictions when it comes to minimizing the spread of the virus.

And a new Twitter trend is arising in light of this—a trend where people are sharing all of the rules that will still apply despite you being vaccinated. And it’s called the ‘Being Vaccinated Does Not Mean…’ meme.

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But, unlike actual rules, these are absurdly specific and mostly nonsensical because they are actually random movie plots. Bored Panda has gathered some of the best tweets about what people shouldn’t do despite being vaccinated, which you can see, comment, and vote on below!

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It's not entirely certain who was the first to tweet out these ridiculous rules, but the whole trend started just last week, with some tweets being posted as early as April 6th.

Some ascribe the success of this trend to one Noah Pasarán, a writer, comedian, and historian, who posted a tweet with said ridiculous rule and went viral:

“Hey PSA: being vaccinated does NOT mean you can invite your friend over for a cask of amontillado sherry, while secretly planning to entomb him within your basement in revenge for a perceived slight.”

Noah’s tweet caused a bit of a tidal wave in the space and fabric of the internet and people started sharing their own rules of things being vaccinated does not mean.


Soon after posting the tweet, it got over 46,000 likes with 8,000 retweets, and started a trend where others would get upwards of 250,000 likes for their own rules.


Among the many rules, there was a lot of specificity and ridiculousness.

Everything from travel to impersonation to meeting up with people to Middle Earth, was considered, spawning hundreds if not thousands of tweets with rules that don’t make sense. Or do they?

Well, they do because nearly all of them are plots to various movies and series, including productions like the Great Gatsby, School of Rock, Mamma Mia, and many more.

Some others were just things people really wanted to give a shout out to, like the Oxford comma. 'Cause we're all for the Oxford comma... right?


What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any oddly specific and ridiculous rules in the vein of ‘being vaccinated does not mean’? Let us know in the comment section below!

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