When you see your beloved cat every day, you probably don't notice how much it has grown up.  As family members, they grow and age together with us.

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Recently, we asked you to share your then and now pictures of cats growing up and it's time to announce the best pics. We also added some best finds from the Internet, but if you want even more pics, be sure to see part 1 of our cat series.

Be sure to vote for your favorite, and if you missed the post where we asked for submissions, feel free to add them to this post!

#1 Smoothie Then And Now

Smoothie Then And Now

smoothiethecat Report

Olivia W 9 months ago

Is that smoothiethecat from YouTube? She is so adorable!

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#2 Coby The Cat Then And Now

Coby The Cat Then And Now

cobythecat Report

lnbr 9 months ago

Beautiful eyes!!!

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#3 They Grow Up So Fast

They Grow Up So Fast

offsi2 Report

Meowoui 9 months ago

I still got it.

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#6 Bum, The Worried Cat

Bum, The Worried Cat

worried_cat_aka_bum , worried_cat_aka_bum Report

9 months ago

You will be worried if your name is Bum ;D

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#8 He Finally Grew Into That Bow Tie

He Finally Grew Into That Bow Tie

Taylor1021 Report

Lara B. 9 months ago

Oh my god! So precious!!!

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#9 Neville Growing Up

Neville Growing Up

alrightmousey Report

Flinkie 9 months ago

Still looking up, waiting for it's treats 😂 So cute!

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