If you’re a regular reader of Bored Panda you are probably aware of our stance on vaccination by now. We encourage you to vaccinate your kids, and think the best response to those who deny science and common sense to endanger public health are cold, hard facts, along with a healthy dose of humor.

The latest example of this is from a doctor responding on reddit to the question “What is your most surprising ‘I can’t believe I have to have this conversation with an adult’ story?”

Now celebrities, especially in starstruck USA, already have way too influential a voice in areas where they have no educational background or expertise. Would you want Rihanna as the pilot on your flight to Florida? No, because she has no idea what she’s doing and would have you down in a ball of flames in around FourFiveSeconds. So why would you put your child’s life in the hands of Jenny McCarthy?

You wouldn’t. And this doctor’s response perfectly illustrates why people should stop listening to unqualified opinions, and seek out advice from those who have the relevant training and expertise. It’s just simple common sense!

Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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