So, if you’re not outraged enough already over a previous post about the bizarre behavior of the anti-vaccine crew, here’s another example that is immoral, dishonest and can even put the lives of others in serious risk.

If you want to work in the healthcare industry, where you are exposed to bacteria, viruses and all kinds of illness and disease more often than regular people, it just makes sense that your immune system is as robust and strong as it possibly can be. Not just for yourself, but for those that you come in contact with too, as their own immune systems can be severely compromised and any infection can quickly become life threatening.

Therefore, most employers make it mandatory that healthcare professionals are fully vaccinated, even against ‘minor’ things like the flu. This brings a dilemma for anti-vaxxers who want to be doctors, nurses etc. as they have to choose between their ill-founded principles, and the realities of medical science.

Now, there appears to be a Facebook group for these people to share their tips and hints of how to cheat the system, and enter the healthcare world unvaccinated. From getting friends receipts, to finding stores that give receipts before the shot so they can run away, these people are infuriatingly brazen about their selfish behavior. Some even go as far as to refuse TB testing or x-rays. Because things were so much better when we were ‘pure’ without these forced, evil-government ‘toxins’ and dying in our 30’s, right?

Scroll down below to check out the posts for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below. Do they have a point? Or is this just plain wrong? Join the conversation!

There are more and more posts on social media explaining how one can avoid vaccines


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And some of the posts offer an insight into why anyone would want to do that

Commenters were quick to share their advice

And it’s not only vaccines, someone asked advice on how to avoid being tested for tuberculosis


But the scariest bit has to be people asking advice on how to avoid the shots while trying to land a job in a hospital

Even some people who claim to be already working in the medical field admit to avoiding vaccines

Discussions like these are more common than you might think


People reacted strongly to the posts