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Top 20 Weirdest Cars Ever Made

Most of us have very usual cars – maybe an old VW, or a red fancy Ferrari. Our roads are full of those, but they rarely catch our attention. While VW can mean, that you have some financial problems, Ferrari shows that you are a rich lucky bastard. But in the end, you still get lost in the ocean of similar cars.

However, if you really want to stand out of the crowd, and show not only your financial status, but also your personality – what you need is something that cannot be found in any auto store. Something crazy, strange and absolutely unique.

To give you some hints, we collected these 20 Weirdest and Most Unusual Cars Ever Made.

Enjoy, share and don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite one!

1. Grass Car

(Bamboos for: dipfan)

2. Double Car

(Bamboos for: Michael (mx5tx))

3. Duck Car

(Bamboos for:David M*)

4. Floppy-Disk Car

(Bamboos for: photophonic)

5. House Car

(Bamboos for: drewdomkus)

6. Art Car

(Bamboos for: Archie McPhee Seattle)

7. Lady’s Shoe Car

(Bamboos for: Tom Harpel)

8. Cat Car

(Bamboos for: Dunk the Funk)

9. Divorced

(Bamboos for: mintlipgloss)

10. Ugly Monster Car

(Bamboos for: groovehouse)

11. Mouse Car

(Bamboos for: yeoh_ts)

12. Phantom’s Car

(Bamboos for: Rodny Dioxin)

13. Post-It Jaguar

(Bamboos for: Scott Ableman)

14. Telephone Car

(Bamboos for: Mr. Kimberly)

15. Tubular Car

(Bamboos for: Mr. Kimberly)

16. UFO Car

(Bamboos for: Avi_Abrams)

17. Wooden Car

(Bamboos for: gocarts)

18. Zoo Car

(Bamboos for: djwudi)

19. Bath Car

(Bamboos for: Yaya Dada)

20. Photo Camera Car

(Bamboos for: jc/pics & manueb)

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  • Burr Öhrström

    Thanks for a great homepage!
    I think you should add the Swedish batmobile.

    Have a look at

  • Midori

    the shoe car looks comfy.

  • Brian

    The Photo Camera Car and the Post-it Jaguar must take a lot of cameras and sticky notes

    • spookyj

      you don’t say

  • Person1

    The funny thing about this is that the majority of the cars are beetles.  Humorous little car, that bug.

  • carldog

    Half of these vehicles aren’t cars, they’re parade floats.

    • Sunshine

      Part of the deal when we have art car events is the cars must be daily drivers and street legal.

Author:   Date posted: Jul 16th, 2010
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