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@FacesPics: Twitter Account Dedicated to Seeing Hidden Faces In Everyday Things

By • Nov 29th, 2013 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts

There is now a Twitter account called @FacesPics dedicated to just that – pictures of random stuff that looks like it has a face. Seeing faces in random objects is called pareidolia, a term for giving random or unrelated stimuli (mostly vision or sound) meaning. Many theorize that pareidolia is a hard-wired mental feature that has helped us quickly recognize and identify human faces and make sense of the world around us. Judging by these pics, all it really takes is two eyes and a mouth to make a face.

People Post Their Horrible First-World Problems on Twitter

By • Sep 5th, 2013 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts

I was going to write a good introduction to this article, but my fingers hurt from eating too much sushi with chopsticks. Statements like these are a hallmark of the first-world problems meme, which features the complaints of entitled people complaining about everyday occurrences. Now the Middle Class Problems Twitter account has taken to re-tweeting real-life comments from people who have had it up to here with their iPhones, house cleaners and grass-fed organic fair-trade hot dogs..

What 12 of The World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at the Beginning

By • Sep 4th, 2013 • Category: History, Internet, Latest Posts

Even the greatest among us had humble beginnings. This is just as true for websites, however, as it is for people. Even online giants like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were once itty-bitty websites with monochrome homepages, poorly-thought-out logos and boring or stark turn-of-the-century designs.

Real Birds Tweet on Twitter

By • Nov 30th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Weird

Finally, justice was served, and twittering was given back to the original source – the birds! Latvian conceptual artist and creative director Voldemars Dudums created a system for birds to type Twitter status updates: all he needed was a three-euro keyboard and some unsalted fat, attached to the keys with stainless steel screws. By eating off the fat, the birds would hit the keys with their beaks and post online!

Worst Twitter Complaints About Christmas Gifts

By • Dec 27th, 2011 • Category: Internet, Latest Posts

Jon Hendren is re-tweeting all the ridiculous complaints made by people who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. He used Twitter search strings like: ”not getting,” “iPod,” “iPhone,” “iPad,” or “Car” which return all these horrible comments about Christmas and the worst parents in the world. I really hope these people are kidding.

Brand Reversioning by Graham Smith

By • Jun 6th, 2011 • Category: Design, Latest Posts

Logo designer Graham Smith has created an interesting project called ©Brand Reversioning. In his words: “A Brand Reversion is a brand logo that has undertaken a creative change based on the visual style of another brand logo: Brand identities with a split personality.” Even if it feels that something is off, the new reversed logos are so well executed, that one might easily fall for this trick.