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20 Clever Examples of Interactive Street Art

Fighting boredom isn’t an easy task, but a dose of creative street art can alleviate the symptoms! Inspired by Modern Met’s 10 Interactive Street Art Works That Rocked, we decided to add a couple of our own picks to the list.

But before you start scrolling down the list, here’s a list of street art posts we had earlier:

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Now that you’ve opened them somewhere in a new tab, here’s 20 of our favorite interactive street art examples.

Ordinary Sculpture Turns Into Star Sower at Night

By: Morfai


By: color me katie

Street Art In Malaysia

By: Ernest Zacharevich

Ice Age

By: Edgar Mueller

Climb Imaginary Stairs

By: Panya Clark Espinal

World’s Largest 3D Street Painting

By: Joe Hill

Before I Die

By: Candy Chang

3D Pedestal Street Art

By: e1000


By: unknown artist

Super Mario Bros.

By: A team of students at the Columbus College of Art & Design

Swimming Pool

By: Julian Beever

Mind Your Step

By: Eric Johansson

Real Life Monopoly

By: Bored

Shark Attack

By: Edgar Mueller

Domino: Paper Tape On Wall

By: Aakash Nihalani

White River Rafting

By: Julian Beever


By: color me katie

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  • brittaknee

    These are so cool! I like the rafting one :)


    love the “dreams”!

  • Cocc Cobb Bbox


Author:   Date posted: Jul 24th, 2012
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