Every July, as part of Ágitagueda art festival, hundreds of cute umbrellas are hung over promenades in the streets of Águeda, a municipality in Portugal. The beautiful art installation tradition started only 3 years ago but has already earned world fame for the place.

These outdoors decorations not only adds a vibrant splash of color to the otherwise plain streets but also creates a much-needed shade from the heat.

We collected some photos from the lucky tourists and residents of Águeda under the umbrella sky for you to enjoy. If you plan traveling to Portugal in July, make sure to stop by this street art festival!


Image credits: Fanfare Ciocarlia

Image credits: Marilyn Marques

Image credits: Antonio Sardinha

Image credits: Patricia Almeida

Image credits: Cristina Ferreira

Image credits: Patricia Almeida

Image credits: Sextafeira Producoes

Image credits: Marilyn Marques

Image credits: Cristina Ferreira