Losing hurts, especially when you've trained for years and you're competing in front of billions of people around the globe. But losing to somebody who is actually smiling as they beat you has to be one of the hardest forms of defeat.

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But then again, what do you expect when you're racing against Usain Bolt, A.K.A the fastest man in the world? The Jamaican athlete just made history by becoming the first sprinter to win three successive 100-metre gold medals. But Bolt didn't just win his latest race. No. He also won the internet by smiling for the cameras as he raced past the competition and across the finish line. And as you can see, it didn't take Twitter long to respond...


Usain Bolt

sporker Report

Goda Cirulytė 8 months ago

It's me, trying to run away from September 1st... ><

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Usain Bolt

DeMarko_Gage Report

Rodrigo Gonzalez 8 months ago

Like I had I chance, or yeah right....

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Usain Bolt

EddieDellaSiepe Report

Adrian Jenkin (MarauderDeuce) 8 months ago

Wouldn't have been hard, looking at his outfit I think he might actually be an Ultra Ball.

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Usain Bolt

fivefifths Report

Samuel Jay Brown 7 months ago

Doing finals


Usain Bolt

MoreofaRobin Report

Jeanette Kent 8 months ago


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Usain Bolt

erinscafe Report

Monica Siciliano 8 months ago



Usain Bolt

AsteadWH Report

Beatrijs Anckaert 8 months ago

hilarious! well said...

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Usain Bolt

FattMernandez Report

Jennifer Scott 8 months ago

more like run forward to future!

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Usain Bolt

SendHelpP1s Report

Panpan 8 months ago

Then you better catch me!


Usain Bolt

a7xweeman Report

Lizy 4 months ago

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dude thats the same image as the one above not cool man