Even in today's modern world of games consoles, smartphones, and laptops, there's still nothing quite as satisfying as sitting on the carpet and playing with a bunch of LEGO. It might be 84 years old but few forms of entertainment have stood the test of time like those colorful little interlocking bricks. 19 billion pieces are made every year (that's 36,000 every minute!) and more than 400 billion bricks have been produced since 1949, so in homage to LEGO, enjoy this funny list of random things about everybody's favorite plastic building blocks. Unless you stand on one that is...

#3 Today I Learned That Raspberries Make Great LEGO Afros

Today I Learned That Raspberries Make Great LEGO Afros

krisajenkins Report

Joel Ei 10 months ago

Get a chick lego and a blackberry and hello marge simpson :)

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#4 Battle Strategies

Battle Strategies

ilovedoodle Report

over opinionated 10 months ago

The dark side of toy story

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#6 Seen At My Doctors Office

Seen At My Doctors Office

Bbypndabamboo Report

Hans 10 months ago

Good thing is playing with Lego will serve as a painkiller, too!

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#9 His Feet Won't Lego

His Feet Won't Lego

Truck Bearing Kibble Report

Cody Eriksen 10 months ago

*snort*...giggle...*snort*...BRRAAAAAAHHAAAHHHA! I don't know why this is so funny to me!

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#10 I'll Never LEGO

I'll Never LEGO

ilovedoodle Report

Luis Milian 10 months ago

Legos have no personal space awareness

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