Spring is upon us, and summer isn't far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary - including tattoos.

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Here at Bored Panda, we think that body art is just as important as paint on a canvas, and takes just as much skill. These intricate designs inspired by beautiful flowers in bloom will speak to your soul, and some of them even have a decidedly vintage look. We've got love for the artists that make it all happen, too, and would definitely go the distance just to sit in their chair.

Have a look at our favourite floral tattoos below, and vote for the ones you wouldn't mind having for life.

(h/t: MyModernMet)

#1 Mini Lau, China

Mini Lau, China

Mini Lau Report

Hope Floats 3 months ago

Very delicate,soft and feminine.... Gorgeous...

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#2 Sol, South Korea

Sol, South Korea

Sol Report

Yumeko 3 months ago

Tiny and lovely

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#3 Koray Karagözler, Turkey

Koray Karagözler, Turkey


Daria Pava 3 months ago

DEF the one under the breast, bold but soft

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#4 Pis Saro, Crimea

Pis Saro, Crimea

Pis Saro Report

Caitlyn McCracken 3 months ago

I don't love the placement on the crotch tattoo, but the rest are nice

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#5 David Allen, Usa

David Allen, Usa

David Allen Report

Katharina P. 3 months ago

I guess this is a person after breasts reconstrucion because of cancer, or a transgender person. Well, I hope you're still out there, happy and alive, friend.

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#6 River, South Korea

River, South Korea

graffittoo Report

Daria Pava 3 months ago

Love the one on that ankle

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#7 Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina, Ukraine

Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina, Ukraine

Rita Zolotukhina Report

wharrgarrbl 3 months ago

I like that they're a specific leaf, or frond - not just a generic one.

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#8 Eva Krbdk, Turkey

Eva Krbdk, Turkey

Eva Krbdk Report

Don Promillo 3 months ago

There is a reason you dont see a "collector" with such styles: it just doesnt last! All these tattoos depicted here are pre-healing. They wont look like this three weeks later ant not to mention a year later! Dont get me wrong, these artists are magicians! But skin just doesnt work like canvas...

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