Candles might not be the most convenient way to light up your home thanks to the lightbulb, but they are irreplaceable when creating a cozy or intimate atmosphere. Candle design has come a long way, and there are plenty of awesome designs out there to choose from.

Check out these creative candle designs, add some that you've seen, and vote for your favorites too.

#6 Realistic Egg Candle

Realistic Egg Candle Report

Dorothy Bethel 1 year ago


#7 Light Bulb Candle

Light Bulb Candle Light Bulb Candle

systemdesignstudio Report

PaulYong 1 month ago

where can I order this?

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#8 Floating Origami Boat Candle

Floating Origami Boat Candle

Roman Ficek Report

VeraRodriguez 2 months ago

Boat candle Available at

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#11 Candle That Comes With A Matchbox Attached

Candle That Comes With A Matchbox Attached

Jeremy Walton Report

BeniciodelPilitch 1 year ago

dangerous, or, if you're really really trying to set your house on fire, - practical. :D

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#12 Spine Candle

Spine Candle Report

Hermione 1 year ago

look like the ones in harry potter

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#13 Rainbow Light Candle

Rainbow Light Candle

Amazon Report

DorothyBethel 1 year ago


#14 Watermelon Candle

Watermelon Candle Report

NicoletaSteliana 1 year ago

wow, looks so real! :D

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#15 Batman Shadow Candle Holder

Batman Shadow Candle Holder

GeekHex Report

CarmelitaLimas 1 year ago

I believe this symbol is used for emergencies only

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#16 Bottle Cork Candle

Bottle Cork Candle

Amazon Report

wolvesrcool 1 year ago

isn't that a little dangerous because of the alcohol.

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#18 Macaron Candles

Macaron Candles Report

JaneA. 1 year ago

Not to be an ass, but those are macarons, actually

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#19 Banana Candle

Banana Candle


samanthaiza 1 year ago

good for the people who like bananas like me!

#20 Cthulhu Candle

Cthulhu Candle Report

Morgiana 1 year ago

One does not burn Cthulhu.