British artist and designer Benjamin Shine has come up with a simple and elegant improvement re-design for the common candle holder that allows candlesticks to last at least twice as long.

The pillar candle holder design is so simple that it almost makes you wonder how no one ever thought of it before. The melted wax from the candle on Shine’s Rekindle candle holder all flows into the holder’s hollow stalk, which has a second wick running along its length. The wax accumulates around the wick and hardens, forming a second reusable candle. All that’s left is to open the glass candle holder’s hollow stalk and use the new candle.

While some may miss the beautiful and delicate wax drips that form on other candle holders, the thrifty and environmentally-minded among us should certainly appreciate the advantages of his smart home decor design. For more work by Shine, check out our post about his tulle fabric portraits or visit his website.

Source: (via: laughingsquid)