What joins wine lovers and artists? Wine, of course! Wine art is not about the art of drinking, but rather making one of the most unique and unpredictable art form there is.

These paintings are different and intriguing not only because of wide variety of depicted motives that go all through art history, but also because fermentation and oxidation continue the artwork which is seen through a slight colour transition from red and purple towards sepia hues, having limited but beautiful colour range no other pigment could imitate. It is also known as the “aging” process.

Only finest sorts of wine were used in the creation of each painting, added in layered brush strokes similar to watercolours. Origin of this technique is estimated to be during the Renaissance art period.

Winelisa, Leonardo Da Vinci


Winescape, Boat On River

Lady With An Ermine, Leonardo Da Vinci

Marilyn Monroe


The Great Wave Of KanagaWine, Katsushika Hokusai

Cersei Drinks

Chinese Dragon

Game Of Wine

Nikolai Romilly And Amelia Brand

The Lacemaker, Johannes Vermeer

Camellia And Bush Warbler, Utagawa Hiroshige

Wine Queen