I am a middle grades teacher that has taken a break from teaching to explore my passion of art. I like to create things that inspire me, especially hand-lettering quotes that I love. I'm striving to create funny and unique cards that could be a perfect gift for your significant other on this Valentines day.

All of my cards are hand-illustrated, printed, scored, folded and shipped by a one woman show.

More info: etsy.com

#1 Awww... But Poor Pluto

Awww... But Poor Pluto

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Ok Ha-Neul 1 year ago

aw this is sweet

#2 Galentine


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#3 For The Harry Potter Fan

For The Harry Potter Fan

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#4 Introverting Couples...

Introverting Couples...

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#5 I Still Love You

I Still Love You

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#6 Oh Doctor...

Oh Doctor...

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#7 My Love Could Kill

My Love Could Kill

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#8 We're All Muggles Here...

We're All Muggles Here...

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#9 Please Don't Make Me Prove My Love

Please Don't Make Me Prove My Love

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#10 When You Love A Bed Hog

When You Love A Bed Hog

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MagsAcutt 2 years ago

Had 33 years of that & not 1 valentine card! *sob, sniff*