I don’t know what is up with these crummy bosses thinking they can make their employees’ lives a living hell without any repercussions, but I’m sure glad payback hits them hard and they get steamrolled by the IRS.

Well, financial institutions wouldn’t have a reason to do that if not for the people who were outright seeking petty revenge for all the mistreatment they got. And we as internet spectators can sit down and grab some popcorn for what we’re about to see.

A Redditor recently shared a story of petty revenge—multilayered in a sense—where his bookkeeper made sure her former employer got every single accounting book thrown at them after she had left the company.

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If you’re a business with a bookkeeper who’s doing a good job, keep them close, cause what you’re about to read is a word to the wise

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A Redditor shared a story of petty revenge that his bookkeeper kept from him for 25 years, but it just showed how awesome she is

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Image Credits: u/JeepHammer

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The moral of the story is don’t screw with the people cooking your books, or else your books will be mush and you won’t have a business 18 months later

The story has several layers to them, but it is ultimately a petty revenge tale. Redditor u/JeepHammer approached the r/pettyrevenge story he was reminded of by his retiring bookkeeper, who had worked with him for 25 years.

OP had this nasty fella of a client who one day was seen belittling his bookkeeper. It was the same girl who was often seen crying, working through lunch, being the last one to leave, stuff like that. What is more, she’d been on board for 5 years, never got a raise. Essentially, not a pretty sight.

But since OP was a contractor of sorts, and desperately needed someone to clean up his books, he figured out a way to help her out. His wife, who was also working for his business, approached the woman, subtly offered her a job, which she ended up taking. OP saw her skills and gifts, acknowledged her talents, and empowered her to get back on her feet after years of suffering through the client’s bullpies.

And she delivered. She immediately got rid of 3 years of accounting mess in about 3 months working with OP, pushed away the tide of tax officers giving them trouble, and sorted out all the compliance and penalties. OP described her as an overall good person, and it showed.

What OP did not know is why about 6 months after she had left her former employer—his client—he saw the client tank and new management was already there 18 months later. It’s as if a tornado came through. You’d think that the client just didn’t bother with accounting, but the game was much more real at that point.

Image credits: Karrolina Grabowska (not the actual image)

Only as she was about to retire did OP find out how the bookkeeper was subtly, yet systematically crippling the client’s business. Every time she was running an errand for OP, she would throw out something like “Oh, I’m sorry, my former employer used to do it this way” or “My boss is going to be very angry I messed this up” or use similar linguistic tactics to throw the former employer under a very large bus. Like an Airbus A380.

A devil in disguise, but the good kind. Moral of the story is don’t screw with the people cooking your books. Or your books will be very much cooked. Boiled to mush. Or to oblivion.

Whatever the case, folks enjoyed this bit of storytelling. Not only was it full of petty revenge, but also serves as a nice way to remember a good and wholesome employee. We need more people like this. And the 9,000 upvotes the post got is a testament to that.

Speaking of which, folks loved the post, not only upvoting it, but also awarding it a couple dozen times. Some pointed out that it’s more wholesome revenge than anything, with OP (who was very active in the comments) one-upping the description to nuclear revenge.

Others admired the idea of how much a person who’s respected and loved by a company will work to defend and fight for it in return. And yet others admired OP for being a good leader, even more so after he flat out told the bookkeeper to just give herself a raise. Also, that’s how he found out he earns less than most, and he’s the boss!

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Commenters were quick to point out how wholesome it all turned out, throwing 9K upvotes and a couple dozen awards OP’s way