Playing with paradoxes and mixing-up real environments with surreal interferences is the most fun during my ordinary day life.

When I walk down the street, I shoot anything that catches my attention, creating an immense archive of photos. The creation of a new dreamscape happens at a later stage in the concept: thanks to my pool of images, the editing process is then almost immediate through the use of iPhone apps like PsTouch, iDesign, Superimpose, MatterApp e Mextures.

My influences are a chimerical blend of the metaphysical imagery in De Chirico with a love for Bauhaus geometry and the pop culture of Warhol and Lichtenstein all with the addition of some sci-fi retro.

I love that anyone can enjoy a ride in my amusement park. Just like going on a roller-coaster!

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The bridge adjusting to the water, water, water, water the level inside will rise, a fallen monument lies

Welcome to tomorrow

The most predictable failure

Software failure – press left mouse button to continue

Utopia of harmony

In search of Wowee Zowee

But what if..

Reading fairy tales with Delia my little niece

Five Faces of Modernity

Psychological disorders of a magnetoresistor

Connoisseurs of empirical evidence

The complex of ethical and moral principles of a power button

The set of all those sets that do not contain themselves

Evening breakfast with Supertramp

Another you before another dawn

In bloom

And at once I knew I was not magnificent