I’m a photographer from Syracuse, NY and I love combining my photos to create something that’s surreal and could not (easily) exist in the real world.

I really started to get into photography about a year ago. I borrowed my parents Canon DSLR, and quickly realized that I needed my own as I was using it almost every day. Shortly after I picked up a Sony a6000 and began shooting everything… including a tray of unbaked Christmas cookies. Reviewing the relatively boring shot later and trying to think of ways to make it interesting, I thought “what if I could take a picture of myself and use Photoshop to put me on that tray in place of a cookie”. I put the camera on the tripod and lied down on the floor and then got to work in Photoshop. You can see the results below!

I’m inspired by all the surreal artists and photographers, including my favorite, Robert Gonsalves. I’m a big fan of nature and landscape photography as well, and love creating interesting scenes that interact with nature and the landscapes around me.

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